What Pieces of Jewelry to Wear on Your Date

What Pieces of Jewelry to Wear on Your Date

What Pieces of Jewelry to Wear on Your Date

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What should I wear?

It’s the question that most women are always asking when they have special events to attend to. One of the thrilling affairs where we need to look our best is during romantic dates. There is a lot of preparation that we are taking into consideration. From your OOTD to hairstyle, you need to make sure that you look stunning in the eyes of your significant other. 

But aside from the clothes and hairstyles, jewelry is another piece that will complement your overall look. However, just like your OOTD, it is crucial to select the perfect jewelry item as it can make or break your look. We know that you are still confused about what jewelry you should wear, so here are some pieces that you can consider to make that lasting impression to your partner on a date.  


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Necklaces are the most popular jewelry that women wear on their dates. From simple pendants to princess necklaces, there is a wide range of necklaces that you can choose from. The important thing in wearing a necklace is it should complement your neckline and your outfit. For instance, you can choose to combine your strapless dress with a choker for your formal evening date. You can also mix up a V-neck dress with your beloved pendant.  


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Earrings are great pieces that would enhance your facial look. Among the top choices for most women are studs and drop earrings. Choosing the right pair of earrings for your date should match your clothes and the venue for your special date. If you decide to wear a black dress for a formal occasion, you can pair it with pearl earrings to create a classic and dramatic look. For a casual occasion, you can match your black dress with bright colored earrings.  



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Bracelets are among the jewelry options that help you look attractive. Depending on the venue and the theme of your date, you should always go for the classic bracelet designs as it can be matched with most of your outfits.


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Watches provide a sophisticated vibe to your overall look. The great thing about wearing a watch is it perfectly fits both your work and date OOTD so you wouldn’t have to worry about changing or removing your watch during your date. 

It's true that jewelry adds a wow factor to your overall look. Always remember that your chosen items should reflect your personality without overdoing it. At the end of the day, only you can know the ideal look that you want to present to your special someone. Don’t try to impress him too much by wearing uncomfortable pieces. Take note that your dates will be remembered not by what you wear but with the memories you shared together with your special someone.






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