Top 3 Graduation Gift Ideas

It’s that time of the year again and maybe this time you have a loved one reaching a milestone. Or maybe it is you who is achieving this year.

Whoever it is that is graduating, make sure that you celebrate the occasion. Of course, graduation lunch or dinner is a must. But don’t forget to give a special gift to mark the achievement. Be it you or  your loved one.

Not sure what gift to give? Here are top 3 Graduation Gift Ideas you can give to yourself or yo your loved one:

Latest Gadget

Technology is simply part of life these days. Smartphones, tablets and laptops are past or everyday life to anyone. So after finishing school or completing a course, it is easy then to give the latest gadget to someone you love. There are many to choose from and it doesn’t hurt to give a nice model.

All-Expense Trip

Feel like giving an adventure to your loved one or to yourself? Then a local or international trip will be a great gift. You can go along the trip to make it more memorable or organize a trip for the graduate and barkada. And they will truly have a blast and be thankful for you.

Gold Jewelry

Want to up your game and start your loved one investing early on? Give gold jewelry to the graduate. This is not just a timeless gift but an investment as well. Gold jewelry has value and can be a commodity for goods in times of need. Other than adding glamour to the overall look, giving gold jewelry is of great value.

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