Square Shaped and Narrow Shaped Faces: What Are The Earrings Best For Your Face Shape?

Do you have square shaped face? How do you know what the shape of your face is?

This is part 3 of a series of articles on finding out the best earrings for your face shape.

Here, you will find out if you have a square shaped face or a narrow shaped face.

Square Shaped Face

If your cheekbones and jawline are the same width, then your face is square-shaped.

The best earrings for you are pearls, button and dangling circular styles. These earrings will bring attention away from your face and soften your facial angles.

Hoop earrings are great for your face. This is even recommended for evening outings. Hoop earrings make you look glamorous and fashionable.

Earrings to avoid are square and diamond shapes. As these earrings emphasize your face more not flatter it.

Narrow Shaped Face

The opposite of the square shaped face is the Long and Narrow Shaped.

The forehead, cheeks and jaw are about the same width but narrower than the square shaped face. There is more emphasis on the length on the face rather on the width.

The earrings to use should add volume to your face. Choose round shaped earrings such as pearl studs, gemstone studs, round diamond studs and other button style earrings.

You can also opt for pearl and gemstone clusters as well as dangling earrings that are circular in shape. These types of earrings draw the attention to your face horizontally.

The round shapes of the earrings add softness to your look and highlight your cheekbones.

You can also check out what earrings are best for you if you have round, heart and oval shaped face:

Round Shaped Face

Heart Shaped Face

Oval Shaped Face


Now you know how to complement your overall look according to the shape of your face when choosing earrings.

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