Should You Always Give A Heart Shaped Jewelry On Valentine’s Day?

For someone who is not sure what to give this Valentine’s Day, this question may play in your mind: Should you give a heart shaped jewelry on Valentine’s Day?

For Husbands:

Heart shaped jewelry as gift for Valentine’s Day is very common. Most husbands give their wives a jewelry with a heart pendant, bracelet with heart shaped charms, or heart shaped stud earrings.

But here is a tip when giving jewelry on Valentine’s Day: if your wife is older (30s and up), you can forego the heart-shaped jewelry pieces.

Giving your wife a simple stud diamond earrings will be better. This is because heart-shaped jewelry can be seen as girly or for the younger generation.

For Your Daughter, Mother, Aunt or Grandma:

You can never go wrong with a heart shaped stud earrings or a heart locket pendant to your daughter or the special women in your life.

For these women, like your mother, grandmother, sister, mother-in-law, auntie, the timeless gift will show them that you value them in your life. And your gift will be treasured forever.

For Your Best Girl Friend:

If you have that one friend you treasure most, you can give her a charm bracelet with hearts on it. There are various designs you can choose from and different sizes of the heart charms.

Or it could have one heart charm bracelet and other charms include symbols of your friendship together. Like a bag if you like shopping. Or a coconut tree if you like going to the beach and travel together. Coffee mug if you like to hang out and chat in coffee shops.

And many other symbols you can add to the charm bracelet that represents your genuine friendship through the years.

A heart shaped jewelry for Valentine’s Day may seem too generic but when you take the effort and thoughtfulness of the gift, then it would truly be appreciated. You can never go wrong when giving jewelry as a gift, especially a heart-shaped one.

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