Relationship Tip: Love Yourself

Relationship Tip: Love Yourself

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One of the misconceptions in getting into a relationship is thinking that you will receive the kind of love you lack for yourself.

But it is the wrong kind of love if you think like that.

Even though both of you are not perfect, it does not mean that you depend on someone else to love you to make you feel whole.

You have to love yourself first.

You have to accept who you are – all the good and bad – before you are able to share your life with another person.

How do you love yourself?

A good way to check if you accept the whole of you is to look yourself in the mirror without any make-up.

Can you appreciate the person staring back at you? Can you honestly say that you are confident in what you see without any voices in your head that you are not enough?

If you say Yes to these questions then you are on the right path.

If you seem to be hesitant, then you have more work in your hands to do on your own issues.

Listen to self-help talks or videos. Yes, youtube is a big help for that.  Talk to someone who you think will push you to be the best you can be. Surround yourself with positive people and you will become an affirmative person yourself.

Loving yourself may be easy but is hard to do especially when the closest to you are the ones pulling you down. Or saying that you are not enough.

But if you are motivated enough and want to be the best you can be as well as the best spouse, then love for self is essential to make a relationship work.

So no matter how much love you have for others don’t forget to love yourself as well.

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