Relationship 101: Take A Few Days Apart

Relationship 101: Take A Few Days Apart

When two people fall in love, they want to spend every moment with their loved one.

It is as if suddenly the world is all about just the two of them. And nothing can come between their love.

But as the relationship progresses and taken to the next level, reality steps in.

You will realize that there is more to this world than just the two of you. There are people around you that loves you and want to spend time with you, like family and friends. Your work needs your focus and dedication as well.

In your relationship, you learn more about the other person, the qualities your like and not so like. You adjust to their personality. And one way to love the other more is to take time apart.

Yes, you heard that right!

One of the key elements in any relationship is having a few days of not seeing each other.

What is the purpose of this?

This is to give you a break from a relationship in order for you to appreciate the presence of that person in your life.

Haven’t you noticed that in anything you do, you have to take a break? Lunch breaks at work, recess time at school and you should have your me time as well.

Taking a step back will enable you to know that you are in a relationship where you can grow in.

Most couples would think at first that this is impossible or nonsense idea but for couples who have been together for a long time, they would affirm this.

You can spend a weekend with your mommy friends or just have a trip by yourself to a place you want to explore on your own. It may sound scary but when you try it, it will be worth it.

As the saying goes: Absence Make The Heart Grow Fonder. The time apart will allow you to grow individually, to recharge you. So that when you are back together you will be like new persons in a familiar relationship.

And that’s where love in a relationship grows.

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