Relationship 101: Put Your Phone Down

Relationship 101: Put Your Phone Down.

In this technologically advanced generation, one of the must haves in everyday life is a smart phone.

Through this device, you can get in touch with the people you love who are far from you. You can even schedule your life and get updated with friends’ lives when using today’s phone.

But like your phone that gets your attention everyday, your relationship should also get that undivided attention.

That means when you want to have a great relationship with your spouse, you have to learn to put your phone down.

It is not just a sign of love but it’s a sign of respect for other person’s time for you. Even if it is just talking about the everyday things. Much more when you go out with your loved one.

Yes, even if the call is about work. You can take the call after your date. Or inform the person calling you are busy. Or just turn off the phone.

No need to be worried that you do not get updated in your social media accounts. What is important is to build a strong  relationship with your other half.

Be conscious when you have that daily conversation with your loved one and set your phone aside.

Here are little reminders for a better relationship by putting your phone down:

– Look the other person in the eyes when talking, not talking to them but looking at your phone screen.

– Listen with your eyes and ears. Don’t just listen to someone but your eyes and fingers are busy scanning your phone or playing games.

– Do not interrupt your meal by taking a phone call from work or business. It can always wait after you’re done eating.

– Hug with both hands not just with one hand while the other hand is holding your phone.

Building amazing relationships is not rocket science, you just need to be sensitive and do the little things.

Because in life and love, the little things always matter.

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