Relationship 101: Never Take Each Other For Granted

Sophia_Jewellery_relationship_tipsAn important aspect in a great relationship is knowing how to appreciate your partner.

From little things to big things, you should be able to acknowledge your loved one’s efforts. Doing so, is one way to show the other that you love what they do.

A common mistake in a relationship is that, when they get married, there is a tendency to do away with gratitude. It is a wrong notion in the assumption that their partner already knows they are appreciated without saying it all the time.

But voicing your gratitude towards one another is a big boost to each other’s self-worth. It is letting them know that you are thankful for their gestures.

What can these gestures be?

A simple as preparing coffee in the morning to cooking breakfast and even doing the laundry for you while you catch up on your sleep. Or throwing the garbage out without even being asked. And other domestic chores that society deems that should be done by women.

In today’s relationship, it is all about sharing the responsibility of building your marriage – and yes that includes dividing the household chores. Even if it is not your usual task, you can still do it when your partner is not feeling well or is still busy with work or catching up on sleep.

Gone are the days when it’s all about flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s though that would be a great bonus.

Love for each other is all about the little things that you do for the other every day that will make them feel loved.

When you love, it is not just anymore about you. It is in understanding that you help each other out as partners and appreciating each other like lovers.

So the next time you notice your partner is doing something for you, don’t forget to say at the very least “Thank You!”. With those two words, life will become better!

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