Relationship 101: Never Stop Surprising Each Other

It’s a common thing when you get married, you become comfortable with each other that dating is becoming rare.

But for relationship experts you have to treat each other the way you did before you got married.

Continue to date your spouse and surprise each other every once in awhile.

For men, write simple notes or send snail mail to your spouse. Give a random gift and of course don’t forget dates. If you are not keen on remembering dates, log it on your calendar in your phone. Plan surprise dates or better yet plan romantic or adventure trips together, whichever is it you like to do.

For women, do your share in surprising your hubbies. Send cards on special occasions and more especially on days that there is nothing special to celebrate.

It may sound biased, but men just love it when their wives cook delicious meals for them. Learn to cook their favorite dish and that would be a sure winner to their stomachs and hearts.

There are many ways to surprise each other. You know your partner more so you are aware at what things they are swept off their feet.

You do not have to be expensive about it as you know their are budgets to keep. You can always let the other feel loved with a movie night at home or a delicious favorite meal.

From simple notes or letter, romantic dinner dates to extravagant staycations or trips, keep your love alive for each other. You will be assured that your relationship will last forever.

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