Relationship 101: Make Time For Each Other

Relationship TipsA common misconception of relationship is that it would work out like the fairy tales. You know, the princess is swept off by her prince charming and they live happily ever after.

Yes, all would want to have a happy ever after. But more often than not, people think that they have to do nothing to achieve that happy marriage. Like it would all fall into place once they profess their love for each other.

In the real world, however that is not possible.

Remember when you were just dating? You would see to it that you see each other almost everyday, spend time together doing anything and everything.

Even if you are already in the relationship for a long time or have kids, you have to make time for each other.

Making time for each other does not have to elaborate. You can set a time during the day where you can just talk to each other without interruption. If you have kids, you can do this when the kids are off to bed.

If you feel that you are tired already during this time, then let the kids sleep earlier – 30 mins to an hour. With this, you have enough time to get to know your significant other more.

People grow everyday and so will your other half. So take time to know them even for a few minutes everyday.

Of course, if you can get away with a spouse for the weekend without the kids then go ahead. When you spend time together like your dating period, it keeps the fire burning in your relationship.

This way, you keep the relationship growing in the right direction.

Another thing to consider is scheduling a once a week date. It could be watching a movie or having dinner outside the house. Don’t worry about asking for help from your relatives if you need to have someone babysit for your kids.

The important thing is you are investing time with your loved ones. And time is the best investment when you want your relationship to last.

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