Relationship 101: Make Each Other Laugh

One of the qualities of making a relationship work is knowing how to make each other laugh.

No you do not have to make a fool of yourself to do that but having a sense of humor is a great thing to have in a relationship.

Yes, you may be in a serious relationship but that does not mean you cannot have fun and laugh. Humor is essential to keep a marriage healthy.

There are various ways to do this and here are some suggestions:

Tickle Each Other

Think only kids can be tickled? Your spouse will be laughing off when you know where their funny bone is.

Don’t tickle too much though or you can hurt each other or end up having injuries.

Watch A Funny Movie or Video

You can go and watch a movie together that promises to get you to laugh.

Or share a video you came across social media that is funny and watch (and laugh) together.

Tell Jokes To Each Other

Again, you do not have to make fun of the other person just to make a joke. You can retell a joke you heard.

Or just tell something funny you experienced or heard that day at work or during commute time.

No matter the busy day there will be at least one thing that made you laugh in a day.

When it comes to building your relationship, humor is part of it.  No need to be serious all the time. You have to laugh about the lighter things in life. If laughing at each other is fine with you then you can do that too.

So the next time you feel too serious, ask your partner to make you laugh or do something together to get your mind off the problems in life even for just awhile.

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