Relationship 101: Grow As Individuals

Relationship 101: Grow As Individuals

Most people think that when you are in a relationship, everything should be done together. But in reality, one of the important things for a relationship is to grow as individuals.

Of course, you share a life together as you are a couple. Do not forget your own goals in life. You have to grow as your own self. Doing so will allow you to know yourself more and what you can share with the relationship.

Growing as individuals is healthy for the relationship. Studies show that when you better yourself you become better partners. You inspire and motivate each other yet you do not forget each other as well in building your relationship.

Make a List of Your Goals

If this is vague for you and not sure where to start, what you can do is make a list. List down things you want to achieve within a year as an individual and as a couple. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate list. You can always start with small things or change of habit.

As an individual, you can write what things you want to happen in your career within a year. Like lessen being late or submit reports on time. Other than career goals, you can also list down personal goals, be it in health or finance. Start investing or make time for at least once a week exercise.

These are just a few examples you can grow as yourself. Doing so will inspire your partner to also make their own personal goals.

You can check each other’s list to see if you have achieved them and motivate the other to do more. On top of ticking off these yearly goals, you also build each other up and is great for the relationship.

Healthy relationships is not just about you as a couple but you as an individual.

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