Relationship 101: Do or Say Something Daily To Show Your Partner Your Appreciation

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It has been repeated all over again that when you want to have a healthy and happy relationship, you have to treat each other like you are new in the relationship.

You have to make an effort in letting the other person know that you care for them.

And it may sound like a broken record but showing appreciation to the other person is an effective way to build a relationship.

And showing appreciation can be done in words or in deeds. And that is where your knowledge of your partner comes in.

Appreciate in Words

You can appreciate someone just by saying the good things. You tell them that you love how they smell, how they look while they sleep, how they wake up in the morning. Or simply saying thank you for being that one person you get to spend with every day.

That in itself is an expression of your gratitude for their presence in your life.

Saying your appreciation can also be acknowledging the other person’s acts of service. It can be what they did during the day that you like. It could be as simple as cooking or making coffee in the morning. Or doing the laundry, taking care of the kids, taking out the garbage, etc.

Appreciate in Deeds

Aside from saying thank you, you can also show your appreciation through doing things for your loved one.

More than just words, actions speak louder. Let your loved one sleep in while you cook breakfast for them. You can also prepare a packed lunch to ensure that they eat a healthy meal. Or a healthy snack if lunch is not doable.

You can also help in doing the laundry and other household chores. This way you let the other person know that you are a team in taking care of the family and the house.

Of course, there are other many ways to surprise your loved one and show them you love them. But making it a daily habit of saying and doing your appreciation is a sure way to express your love. And yes, even if sometimes you might be tired from work.

So go ahead, let your significant other know that you appreciate him or her!

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