Relationship 101: Ask For What You Want

Do you still tell your partner what you want in your relationship and what your dreams and aspirations are in life?

Even if you are already in the relationship for a while, never assume that the other person know what you want. You might end up being disappointed because of your expectations.

Yes, no matter how long you are together, you still have to say what you want.

Of course, there are certain things that have grown into a routine already. Like how you love your coffee in the morning, what are your favorite food, what colors you like, what drives you to frustration, or what annoys you, among others. But these can even change over time.

So continue asking your partner what they want, from food preferences, changes in their routine, something new they want to learn, talents or skills they want to enhance.

Like you, you want to explore more about yourself and expand yourself to be better everyday. Doing that will mean that you constantly change. Maybe not in an instant but in little changes that pushes you towards your goal.

Know that you can ask for what you want in a relationship and it is okay to speak your mind about it.

It is being realistic and understanding of your partner at the same time.

Being assumptive can be dangerous because it it can cause communication problems in the relationship. You have that tendency to do things because you thought that was what your partner wanted but their preference actually changed already.

This can create distance between two lovers if not addressed early on.

So be an active participant in your relationship and do not assume anything. Be someone who loves to grow with their significant other together and know what they want in the relationship and in life as well.

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