Layering Necklaces: Which Pieces Should You Wear?

Layering Necklaces Which Pieces Should You Wear

You can buy pieces from time to time and mix them up with the ones you already have. Pwede ka ring kumuha ng inspiration and ideas online. There’s a lot of fashion influencers to see especially nowadays with social media pero iba parin ang sariling style na ikaw lang ang makakagawa. 

Length matters

Layering Necklaces Which Pieces Should You Wear

The purpose of layering necklaces is to be stylish, and stylish doesn’t mean putting every jewelry you own on your neck, that’s just tacky. Maliban sa fashionable look, wearing necklaces of different lengths will save you from the inconvenience and embarrassment of tangled up knick knacks. 

Not sure how to measure your necklaces? Try putting them on a table to see how they look! Having them measured to see if they are proportional to your neckline is also another way to make the most of styling up with a layering necklace. Isa pa, the whole point of layering necklaces ay para ipakita ang iba’t-ibang designs depende sa length nito.

Chain up 

Layering Necklaces Which Pieces Should You Wear

Ang mga Pinoy, natural na mahilig sa terno; terno sa kulay, brand, and pattern. This time, with the right combination and confidence level to put looks together, we can pull off different kinds of chains at once. 

For example gold and silver chains can go with each other and the only way to make sure is to try it on you. Don’t be afraid to look off or baduy because honestly, mismatched is the new fashionista thing! 

The thickness and the type of chain may also vary depending on what you have and what suits your taste. When you are feeling playful, pwede rin ang colorful beads partnered with black or brown beads to neutralize them. It will instantly create that bohemian style look and have you feeling like you’re in the 60s, feeling the good vibes. 

Again, don’t be afraid to mix match and reinvent yourself on different looks. 

Layering necklaces can go from chic and sleek to being bold and fearless. Nevertheless, it’s still you who can define the whole outfit because seriously! There’s not a single rule on how to slay in multiple neck jewelry, only guidelines and reminders for starters but eventually, you will be able to express yourself by layering necklaces.

Layering Necklaces Which Pieces Should You Wear
  • December 14, 2019
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