Jewelry: Not Your Ordinary Accessory

Jewelry Not Your Ordinary Accessory

Jewelry: Not Your Ordinary Accessory

Not everyone in the world knows the value of the jewelry. And not everyone knows that jewelry is something worth investing for.

“Why do women buy jewelry?” A man asked one day. Women often buy jewelry as gifts for others or because they wear it for special occasions. Who doesn’t want sparkling diamonds displayed around her neck? Often than not, they only see jewelry as something to match or accessorize with their outfits. Something that will emphasize and flaunt their beauty. 

But one lady is different. Her name is Mary. She has been purchasing jewelry every month and people around her could not even comprehend. “She would only use it to show off,” her friends would say. Sometimes, even if she doesn’t have money to burn, she would still opt to buy jewelry. Finally, her friend speaks up, "why waste money on jewelry on a monthly basis?" Mary answered with a smile, “these are my investments.”

Her friends did not understand her answer. She then explained that gold never depreciates in value. She opened their eyes to all the possibilities when it comes to jewelry as an investment. Buying jewelry is like investing in the stock market that you must keep on buying regularly. 

Did you know that jewelry is a better investment compared to cars? Cars depreciate the moment you bring it out of the showroom. Whereas jewelry continuously appreciates as time goes by. Making it one of the most stable investments in this unpredictable society.

There is another story of a lady similar to Mary. She was a housewife for 18 years and never experienced working for money. When she lost her husband, she had to find a way to make ends meet. With six children all studying in private schools, it wasn’t easy. Not knowing what to do, she pawned her jewelry to put her kids through school. She started a small food business with the money she got.  A few months later, her business flourished. She was able to earn a lot of money and buy the jewelry back from the pawnshop.

Currently, three of her children have graduated from college and are working in the city. Who would have thought that these pieces of jewelry would soon save her and her children from hunger? Ever since then, she would buy jewelry on a regular basis. 

Like these two women, people are buying pieces of jewelry for its beauty, but also as an investment for the future. 

And when is the best time to start investing in jewelry? Well, it’s yesterday and the next best time is today.

  • November 23, 2019
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