How To Plan The Perfect Christmas

Is there such thing as a perfect Christmas? Well, nothing is really perfect when it comes to any occasion. No matter how carefully planned everything is, there is always that little errors here and there. But just like everything, what is more important is that you enjoyed the event.

So for those who look forward to an almost perfect Christmas, here are some top tips to remember:

Make A List

Yes, it is given to make a gift list. But do not forget to make a list of things that you buy during Christmas that you do not usually buy for the rest of the year. Like Christmas grocery list, Christmas clothing list and other Christmas must have or wish list, Christmas party list.

List as much as you can, not thinking of the budget because you can edit it later.

Set Your Budget

Set a budget for each type of list that you have created. For your gift list, define the price budget for each person you will give a gift to. No need to feel embarrassed about it because the important thing is the giving not how much it is.

Double check your grocery shopping list.  Sometimes, the list contains too much food. If you are having a family gathering, remember you are not the only one bringing food. You can prepare 2 or 3 of your signature dishes. Or budget for 2 made to order dishes.

Know what are your family needs for Christmas. You can set a budget for each person for Christmas shopping. It can be new set of clothes of you can choose to prioritize shoes or clothes. Add in a useful toy for your kid – book or educational toy.

Identify The Christmas Parties You Will Attend

As Filipinos, there will be more than one party you will attend to. So check out the details for these parties that you will go to.

Know what party you will need to bring an exchange gift to, what is the minimum amount. You also have to include this in your budget.

Learn the party themes and find out if you can just borrow the costumes. If you need to buy, buy something that you can use more than once.

Give Your Extra Stuff

Share what you can this Christmas. Starting now you can segregate old clothes you are not wearing anywhere and willing to give to others. Shoes and bags included.

You can give your extra food to the people around you – the guard in your subd, or the garbage collector.

Think Of Timeless Gifts

If you are thinking of the perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones, then you will never go wrong with gold jewelry.

Gold jewelry speaks of timelessness and a gift that will be treasured forever.

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