How To Look Glamorous In Inexpensive Ways

Looking glamorous may make you think you have to spend a lot of money.

But women of today can look glamorous without breaking their bank accounts or spending all of their savings.

After all, modern women should strike that balance of being glamorous yet have that know how to handle their finances.

Here are tips for the modern Filipina to look glamorous without spending too much:

Wear Not More Than Two Pieces of Jewelry At A Time

You read that right. Your jewelry when worn should come in pairs. Ring and earrings or necklace with pendant and bracelet. Or choose your 2-jewelry combination.

Three jewelry pieces or more may give a look of being overdone or trying hard. Though there are those who can pull off the look but for most women, two jewelry pieces that match will give you that glamour look already.

Make sure that your jewelry are matched – meaning the same color. So if you wear a yellow gold earring, then your ring should also be in yellow gold.

Make Use of Make-Up

For the modern woman of today, putting on make-up is a must to make you look more confident and professional.

Learn how to put on make that will make you look glamorous without overdoing it. Make-up enhances your beauty so know which colors that are friendly to your skin.

Match Your Jewelry with Your Outfit

Wear jewelry that will complement your clothes for the day.

For example, if you are wearing a coat, put on a ring not a bracelet. The bracelet will just be covered by the sleeve.

Don on a long chain if your blouse has a closed neckline.

Test out the different necklines you have to your necklaces.

When you wear the right make-up with your gold jewelry and perfect OOTD (outfit of the day), you will definitely look ready to face the world.

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