Go Beyond The Usual ‘How Was Your Day’ Question

Relationship 101:

Go Beyond The Usual ‘How Was Your Day’ Question.

In any relationship to thrive, you have to spend time together after a hard day’s work. It is not just to update about each other but to know what made them happy or sad during the day. Or what really tick them off that they come home in a not so good a mood.

For couples, the standard line of question is ‘How was your day?’ But if you want to establish a deeper connection with your spouse, experts suggest that you go beyond that usual question.

This is because that triggers the usual answer of ‘Fine.’ And that’s it you move on to other topics that you want to discuss not knowing that there are other things that your spouse want to talk about as well.

So what do you think will make your spouse tell you more about what happened during the day when you were not together?

These questions can start a good conversation:

What made you smile today?

This question can make your spouse remember a good thing that happen in the day. And this will make them feel good even after a tiring day.

What was the most challenging part of your day?

More often than not, office work can be challenging. But there are times that the pressure can be overwhelming. The question will welcome your spouse to talk about the office and you will have a glimpse of what the work is all about.

Did you learn something interesting or new today?

People grow everyday and that includes you and your spouse. This question will be a gate to knowing your spouse more as well as understanding more what they like or dislike.

When did you feel appreciated today?

One indicator to knowing that your spouse loves their work is asking this question. This may not happen everyday but if you know that they are appreciated at work, then you can say that they will be in that work for a long time.

Did you take any photos today?

With technology today, anyone can take a photo in their phones at any time. So this question will give you a view of what your spouse’s day is about. The picture can be work related but it could also be other things that they find intriguing or just a plain selfie.

There are other ways to know how your spouse’s day was, and that starts with right question.

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