Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring: Things to Consider When Buying

Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring Things to Consider When Buying

Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring: Things to Consider When Buying

The dream to receive your most awaited "Yes" takes a lot of guts and a great deal of preparation.  Part of the preliminaries is to make sure that you get the right ring as a symbol of your decision to start the journey with her to marriage. 

Almost every woman longs to experience their man on bended knee, promising forever with a ring on hand. Soon after, she'll show everyone her most precious ring and people will immediately know what it means. For that to happen, men need to be meticulous enough in choosing the right engagement ring. 

Here are a few things that you might want to consider in buying the perfect engagement ring. 


It is wise and safe to know the price range of the rings before buying. Also, you need to be aware whether the jewelry store allows installments and layaway plans. This may save you from the heartbreak of returning the ring to its glass cabinet because you cannot afford it. 


The ring should fit perfectly on your soon-to-be-fiancée. To do this, you would need an accomplice to help you get her current ring size or you might opt to sneak on her stash of rings.

Color and Design

Of course, color and design must be well-selected. You wouldn't want to end up giving her a ring that does not blend well with her hand. Also, you need to consider the design she loves or her favorite gemstone. Does she want a diamond, ruby, or other precious stones? For a classic, timeless engagement ring, you can never go wrong with a diamond.

Round diamond ring on rose

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After-Sales Support

You have to consider the future of the ring as well. Know the reputation of the jewelry shop. Do they have enough credibility to provide a certificate of authentication and some form of warranty for the ring? The option to resize, clean, or repair for damages in the future is another factor to look for. 

Value in the Future

Is this something you would want to pass on to the next generation or convert to cash in times of need? Certificate and the analysis of the ring's value over time is to be considered as well.

Plan everything well. Be meticulous. Be observant. So that your "down on bended knee" moment will be treasured forever.

  • February 8, 2020
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