Clothing and Jewelry: the Do’s and Don’ts

Clothing and Jewelry the Do’s and Don’ts

Clothing and Jewelry: the Do’s and Don’ts

Accessorizing and wearing jewelry has been around for eons. For some, it comes as second-nature, effortless and chic. For most, the line between acceptable and terrible can be a bit blurry. We’ve come up with some tips to cover the basics and to keep your style interestingly fresh!

Casual Clothing

Gold Multi-Weave Necklace


These are your everyday, out of the office get-ups. Whether you go for cotton or polyester fabrics, accessorizing casually can be a breeze. Go with the look or vibe you’d like to exude on that day, or what you’d like to draw attention to and accessorize accordingly.

Do: Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings are the basics. 

Don’t: Pile on jewelry. Even when you’re going for a rocker look, avoid multiple necklaces, ear cuffs, and bracelets in casual wear. You don’t want to look gaudy or worse, to look like you’re trying too hard.

Formal Clothing

Gold Backwards Necklace


Here’s where one can truly go all glam and get their style on. It’s a dress-to-impress occasion and jewelry simply has to be on-point. Vibe? Glam and chic. Cue the velvets, silks and all kinds of luxurious clothing.

Do: Feminine and dainty pieces with one accessory standing out. A gold and backwards necklace could be your statement piece, along with a simple bracelet, ring, and stud earrings. You could also try drop earrings and forgo the necklace. One stand-out and a couple of back-ups, that’s the deal.

Don’t: Rocker, chunky jewelry, especially large hoop earrings, and loud wrist bangles. You don’t want your pretty ears and arms to suffer, nor would you want to be tinkling away and attract attention in the most unflattering manner.

Beach Clothing

Chunky Grunge Bracelets


It is fun to accessorize beach clothing. Light clothing with equally light accessories? Beach wear with punk-rock jewelry? It’s your call! So many looks can be achieved. Layer away, mix and match, color-code, go crazy and don’t forget to check our tips below.

Do: Wear sturdier, body-arm-and-neck-fit jewelry or go for light accessories that have firm clasps and don’t easily break. A Y-shaped drop necklace paired with dainty bracelets on each wrist, and you’re good to go. Want to wear less jewelry? Your call. After all, less is more.

Don’t: Wear expensive jewelry. With all the frolicking and beach activities, the fact that it can get lost at any moment can be a downer, not to mention its value lost forever.


They’re simple and sufficient, tried and tested, proven and perfected tips that anyone can follow…practical, on-point and stylish. You’ve got the drop on the basics, let’s get your look down pat on your next occasion! 

  • March 14, 2020
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