Choose Your Weapon Fashion or Fine Jewelry

Choose Your Weapon Fashion or Fine Jewelry

Choose Your Weapon: Fashion or Fine Jewelry

Imagine yourself walking through a jewelry store. You ask the saleslady about a fine pair of earrings. She presents you with the pair that caught your fancy. You hover them over your ears and you look absolutely stunning. Feeling delighted, you turn to the saleslady to buy your chosen pair. Little do you know, your purchased piece turned out to be “fashion jewelry”.

The above scenario happens to most of us. We usually misconceive what is fine jewelry and fashion jewelry. As an ordinary consumer, identifying the difference between the two is not an easy-peasy task. To shed some light on this, here are the common differences between fashion and fine jewelry. 

Fashion Jewelry

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Fashion jewelry is also known as costume jewelry. It is typically made out of coated copper, bronze, and brass. Non-precious stones and ornaments are also placed to make it look fashionable without breaking your budget. If you are going to attend a one-time formal event, then this kind of piece can be your top choice. Wearing this for your everyday OOTD may result in allergic reactions as it tarnishes easily which exposes your skin to the stripped materials of the jewelry. 

Fine Jewelry

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Fine jewelry, on the other hand, is a high-class type of jewelry. It is made up of genuine solid gold, sterling silver, platinum, and other precious metals. Authentic gemstones like rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds are also seen in fine pieces. Buying this kind of jewelry will guarantee long-lasting quality.

Given the materials used and the genuine quality of fine jewelry, the price for each piece tends to come in a costly amount. But over the years, its value has steadily increased, so fine jewelry enthusiasts also see it as a valuable investment.

Indeed fashion and fine jewelry differ in terms of materials, quality, craftsmanship, and price. It is up to you whether to buy fine or fashion pieces. If you are looking for long-lasting quality, you can choose to buy fine jewelry as you can wear it for multiple formal occasions. It is also a good form of investment that can serve as your family’s treasure.

Meanwhile, fashion jewelry may not offer the same quality that is similar to fine pieces. You can only wear it for several events as the materials used for this kind of piece are not as precious as with fine jewelry. Whatever you choose between the two, don’t forget that your main reason for accessorizing yourself is to complement your overall look and gain confidence.

Fine and fashion jewelry are just kinds of trinkets that both serve its purpose which is to make you feel happy and satisfied with how you look. 


  • March 9, 2020
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