Best Jewelry Styling Ideas for Rainy Days

Best Jewelry Styling Ideas for Rainy Days

Best Jewelry Styling Ideas for Rainy Days

With the rainy season fast approaching, a lot of us start shying away from making a fashion statement. Bad hair days, soaked clothes and stained jewelry are always at the back of our minds.

But did you know that you can still conquer the fashion world and leave a lasting impression with the right choice of gems despite the gloomy weather? 

Here are some of the best jewelry styling ideas you can try to jazz up your outfit this season:

1. Keep It Minimal.

Lightweight trinkets are our forefront this season. Keep your heavy jewelry and go for something lightweight - something that is easy to put on and makes you feel comfortable. This will prevent further trouble as you as you walk through a rainy path towards your destination.

Here are some pieces you can wear if you want to be a minimalist fashionista this season: 

  • Diamond-stud earrings.  Diamonds are a woman’s best friend that’s why we want you to accentuate your outfit with these charming gems. True to any season, stud earrings are women’s favorite on any occasion since it gives women a sophisticated look.
Diamond-stud earrings

Photo from BrilliantEarth

  • Sleek Chain Necklace.  Pep up your style with this simple yet elegant jewelry. Pair this necklace with your favorite dress or that V-neck shirt your boyfriend gave you.
Sleek Chain Necklace

Photo from Etsy

  • Bangle bracelet. Let’s lace up your wrist with these wonderful bangle bracelets. You can coordinate this arm candy with any ensemble from business casual to everyday wear. 
Bangle bracelet

Photo from Etsy

2. Shine bright like a gemstone.

Who says you can’t add a dash of color to the gloomy weather with colored stones? Colorful gemstones add a stylish glow to any outfit! You can break this season's dull and grey mood with a collection of vivid jewels that will wow your onlookers.

Here are some examples:

  • Colored Stone Ring.  A prismatic ring with a blue or red gemstone is a head-turner on every occasion. It’s perfect for your most-loved floral dress.
  • Yellow-Colored Stone Necklace. Dare to dazzle with this bejeweled necklace. This one is a stand-out style designed to highlight the neckline and enhance the sparkle of your eyes! 

3. You Can’t Go Wrong With Pearls. 

If you don’t have a diamond in hand, you can use pearls as a substitute. Regarded as the new diamond, pearls are timeless treasures admired by women of all ages. It’s a gemstone that fits your lifestyle and always looks good as you do, on every single occasion. So if you’re in doubt about what to pair with your attire, go for pearls.

pearl necklace

Photo by RitaE on Pixabay

There you have it, some of the best jewelry styling ideas for rainy days.

What do you think?

Have you tried any of these?

Tell us your comments below!

  • November 30, 2019
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