A Man’s How-To Guide For Wearing Jewelry

A Man's How-To Guide For Wearing Jewelry

A Man's  How-To Guide For Wearing Jewelry

Gone are the days when women were the only ones wearing jewelry along with their OOTDs. In today’s trends, men are also getting hyped up on buying pieces for themselves. Women love to accessorize and this goes the same with men, but they wear it in a more subtle and minimal way.

This article will serve as a men’s guide on wearing the five best jewelry pieces without overdoing it.


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Compared with women, men choose classic and straightforward chain necklaces over bold pieces. Whether gold or silver jewelry, men's purpose is to make them look more masculine and stylish at the same time. The typical outfit that can go well with a minimal men’s necklace is a simple white T-shirt with casual pants.



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Let’s exempt wedding rings in this discussion as part of men’s jewelry. There is a variety of ring styles and sizes that men can wear. The only limitation that they should be aware of is if they are working in corporate settings. Wearing a single-band sterling silver or gold ring on one finger is the safest way to do it for an office setting. Men who are working in non-traditional environments have more freedom to wear rings on their fingers. It will not be bothersome to style themselves, hence they can get the look that they want.



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Earrings are becoming popular with men nowadays. You might see male celebrities ramping up their earrings on their daily gigs. Unless they are not allowed to wear it in their workplaces, having an earring in one ear will do the magic on their look. For most men, wearing a pair of dangling earrings is too much for them. But there are some guys who prefer a pair of stretchy types of earrings to impose bold statements.



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In the old days, men wore cheap festivals and charity bands on their wrists to appear charming. But times have changed. Today, men’s bracelets are becoming more stylish and sophisticated. It ranges from simple chain bracelets to delicate and bold designs. The best tip in wearing bracelets is that it should match the color of their watches. Matching will create a neat and organized look that is more attractive for men.



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Although it is only worn during formal occasions, cufflinks add personality to men’s aura. It functions as an alternative to buttons to fasten French cuff dress shirts. There are various styles for cufflinks. But men would never go wrong with classic sterling silver, gold, or matte.


Wrapping It Up

Men’s jewelry is not as complex and diverse as women’s precious pieces. They prefer to combine it with their outfits to achieve clean and masculine looks. It is also used to create elegant impressions on them, especially during work and formal events. Whatever your gender is, knowing how to incorporate your jewelry into your outfits is a must. Mismatching it will only cause confusion and awkwardness to the people who’ll notice it. 

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