A Look Back: 5 Best Jewelry Trends In 2019

A Look Back 5 Best Jewelry Trends In 2019

A Look Back: 5 Best Jewelry Trends In 2019

2019 is bursting with striking and subtle embellishments primed to break away the previous years’ fashion monotony. From sparkling chains to mismatched pearls and stones, this year’s trendsetting blings can guarantee you a noteworthy statement that will definitely catch everyone’s attention.

Here are some of this year’s vogue jewelry admired best by jewel-junkies:

1. Bold Chainlink Necklace

Show off your daring side and brave this year’s bold runway by wearing a unique chainlink necklace. This brash accessory is a fresh alternative to the coin and pendant styles and will surely claim your place in the spotlight. 

Don’t forget to pair this up with an oversized pearl or drop earrings. This combination is a great deal to face the remaining months of the year with exceptional glitz and glamor and give your onlookers a sheer tinged of extraordinary fashion and confidence.

2. Chunky Statement Rings

Stacked rings

Photo from Pixabay

Stacking jewels doesn’t only apply for bracelets and necklaces; you can also try this with precious rings. Wearing multiple delicate rings doesn’t only complement your surging beauty but also gives a whole new meaning to everyday fashion. You can opt for both silver and gold rings to form enchanting pieces of jewels blended with a racy vibe.

3. Celestial Drop Earrings

Celestial Drop Earrings

Photo from PoshMark

Time to experience the grandeur of the universe and become an ethereal queen. Infused with heaps of sparkling crystals, these drop earrings will surely give you a queenlike vibe.

Apart from it, these stellar earrings are women’s must-have for special events. You can team this up with a flowy off-shoulder dress or a trendy jumpsuit. Plus, it swings naturally with your head, enveloping you a graceful flair no one can top.

4. Baroque Pearls and Stones

Baroque Pearls and Stones

Photo from Jivaana

Baroque pearls and stones are one of this year’s trending gems. These oddly-shaped ornaments are ideal for women who revel into audacious statements and distinctive glamour. Not to mention, these ravishing pieces are meant to match every single style. Awesome, right? 

5. Initial Necklace

Initial necklaces rose to fame when the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle wore an “H” and “M” initial necklace in December 2016, confirming that she was dating Prince Harry. Since then anywhere you go, these adornments are always on the loose - up until now.

These dainty chest ornaments are reputed to shower your outfit with an edgy finish! Plus, you can personalize it. This way, you can seize the world with your own pizzaz style!

All these outstanding jewels are just a few of this year’s jewelry trends. By all means, 2019 has still a lot of beauties in store for everyone. If you have anything more to add, don’t forget to comment down below. We’d love to hear from you!

  • November 16, 2019
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