5 Go-to Jewelry Pieces for Day-to-Day Wear

5 Go-to Jewelry Pieces for Day-to-Day Wear

5 Go-to Jewelry Pieces for Day-to-Day Wear

Comfort, vibe, and mood are key elements to dressing every day. When choosing jewelry, style and flexibility are the deciding factors, while jewelry craftsmanship and affordability are the ultimate considerations. We understand that every day is important and need not be a struggle, so we’ve chosen 5 go-to pieces that’ll take you from desk-to-dinner in no time.

1. Hoop Earrings 

How do you showcase women and their many facets of personality? Wear hoop earrings, of course. Why? They are versatile, edgy, elegant and durable. Hoop earrings give that certain “I’m-confident-and-I-know-what-I-want” vibe.

Tip: Go simple on small-medium hoops for formal affairs, or opt for large, loud hoops sans all other jewelry. Play with hoop size and color for casual events.

2. Name Necklace  

This has been an all-time favorite for generations. Maybe it’s because one gets to let the world know one’s name on a piece of jewelry.

Tip: Match gold with whites and silver on colored clothing for a breathtaking style statement.

3. Huggies  

This earring is an example of a modern-slash-old-school fusion, and has certainly enthralled women of different cultures, ages, and backgrounds. It’s the ultimate combination of low-key and understated elegance. Channel your inner royalty and exude iconic taste with this classic piece.

Tip: Wear with simple, monochromatic gowns to channel the inner Grace Kelly in you!

4. Infinity ring 

There are days where you want to be bold in your statement…and then there are days you just want to be casual cool. This modern piece spells confidence in quiet eloquence and style. Staying power and classic design are a perk plus, there’s no question with longevity. This kind of ring is here to stay, so invest in a few pieces.

Tip: They can be worn for any type of event, casual or otherwise.

5. Gold Bracelet Bangles 

They have been around forever. Bangles have held a certain appeal to the tribe of women on the planet. Bulky or lightweight, in pairs or in the half-dozen, their flexible, no-nonsense appeal has maintained its timeless hold, and for good reason.

Tip: For everyday corporate wear, choose a chunky weave design. For a gypsy-boho look, wear colored bangles with gold or silver. For a real avant-garde look, hook them in one of your necklaces for an instant eye-catching piece.

It’s said that women and jewelry are destined to have a life-long love affair. With that in mind, choosing pieces that can stand the test of time is of utmost importance. They can be considered an investment and can be passed onto future generations. Mix, match and play with different creations, colors and materials until you find the jewelry pieces that encapsulate your style and vibe. Here’s to everyday wow, minus the hassle!

  • January 13, 2020
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