What Does Your Wedding Ring Say About You?

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What Does Your Wedding Ring Say About You?

Your choices define you. So when picking the perfect wedding ring speaks not just about your relationship with your future spouse but of who you are in some ways.

If you have the usual gold wedding ring, you are the traditional kind. Simple and strong but elegant in your own way.

If you want to add some color on your wedding ring, you have a vibrant and fun personality. Even the stone color has their meaning as well. Red – vibrant and active: green – earthy and abundant; pink – romantic and nurturing; turquoise – talkative and creative; and dark blue – wise, intelligent and intuitive.

Rings passed down from generation to generation may represent the importance of family and heritage, as well as the time-honored tradition of honoring the old with the new. Brides who choose to wear their husband’s family heirloom may also be offering their literal hand to blending families.

Multi-stone rings may represent a complex relationship with many different facets. Women who choose multi-stone rings are flirty and looking for multiple ways to show their love.

Which one are you?

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