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Jewelry As A Way To Transform Women’s Lives

Sophia Jewellery started as a dream to inspire women to live a life of independence and empowerment.  In 1993, Myrna and Angel established Sophia Jewellery.

For Myrna and Angel, jewelry was more than just a fashion statement. More than making a woman feel beautiful, they envisioned Jewelry for Empowered Women living Enriched Lives.  

An enriched life is when a woman becomes the JEWEL of the family.

Jewelry That Saved One Family

Growing up in Zamboanga City, Myrna experienced the hard life growing up on a teacher’s salary. With 4 children attending a private high school, money was tight, more so when Myrna and her siblings entered college.  

Myrna’s parents, Sulpicio and Marcela, had to find ways and means to make sure that they were able to get their college degrees in Manila.  A good education was non-negotiable for the family.

Several times in her young life, Myrna saw her mother pawning the jewelry that was handed down by her own mother to meet enrollment and examination deadlines when they went to college.

This experience taught Myrna the value of jewelry in times of financial need. Had it not been for her mother’s jewelry which were gifts from her grandmother, she and her siblings wouldn’t have gotten their degrees.  They wouldn’t have become professionals in their own fields of expertise.

In 1981, Marcela opened her own pawnshop to be able to help other women like her. She realized that jewelry pawning was a great stepping stone to teach women to succeed in life.

Angel and Myrna shared her dream of helping women, and established Sophia Jewellery Inc. in 1993.


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One Empowered Woman = One Happy Family

Having a first hand experience on the value of jewelry in times of financial need,  Myrna thought of other women who were going through tough times while supporting their families. She wanted to make sure these women have financial safety nets in their times of difficulty.

At that time, jewelry was only an aspiration for the many and accessible only to a select few.  You could only buy from pawnshops, plateros (goldsmiths) or the alajeras (ambulant vendors).

Only those within the alajeras’ social circle can own jewelry through installment basis, the rest have to buy in cash; not to mention that the designs were also limited.  You could not get a guarantee that your jewelry will get a good price when pawned, or in times of your financial need.

This desire to help women to have safety nets in times of financial need resulted in a retail store dedicated solely to fine gold jewelry that is accessible and affordable. You even have many choices to select from.  Sophia Jewellery opens its doors to women like you who want to live enriched and empowered lives.

To make sure that more women like you would be able to afford to invest in fine gold jewelry, Sophia offers its own version of installment payments: the Sophia Lay-Away Plan.  

When you buy your jewelry pieces in the store, you are also guaranteed that the item has a pawn value of at least 50% of the purchase price at the family-owned pawnshop.

Sophia Jewellery Inc. makes owning elegant fine gold jewelry affordable and accessible to you, the empowered woman of today.

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Wisdom In Investing In Beautiful Fine Gold Jewelry

Angel and Myrna understand that buying jewelry is a wise investment.

It is only fitting that the jewelry store is named after the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Sophia.

The Sophia woman is envisioned to be strong, independent, beautiful, successful and empowered.

Today, Sophia Jewellery is opening more doors to more women like you.

Sophia Jewellery is now found in several cities in Mindanao and she continues to reach out to more women like you. More than making you feel beautiful, Sophia Jewellery aims to transform more lives with Jewelry for Empowered Women living Enriched Lives.  

When a woman like you becomes the JEWEL of the family, that is the sign of your empowerment, your enriched life


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